Stephanie Winslow has written a deeply compelling, heartfelt story that shows how prayer and faith in God can bring hope to a seemingly hopeless situation.  Her book is an invaluable resource for churches, small groups, and individuals.


Vince Burens

President and CEO

Coalition for Christian Outreach


As a licensed therapist for over twenty-five years, I found this book to be overflowing with insight and knowledge about alcoholism. Stephanie Winslow nailed down the solution: recovery for the family is possible only through a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Ascent to Hope is a must-read for all families struggling with alcoholism or other addictions. 


Susan Smead Balassi








Stephanie Winslow's book reassured me that I'm not alone and that there is hope and healing from the effects of alcoholism.  We are not anyone's savior, she reminds us, so we must turn the situation over to God-which isn't easy. But using her personal experience with addiction, she shows us, convinces us, that with repetition and practice, and by replacing negative thoughts with Scripture and prayer, we can begin to heal.


Kathy H.

Member, Al-Anon


In Ascent to Hope, Stephanie Winslow accurately depicts the painful journey in and out of despair that many of us travel as a result of a loved one's addiction.  We didn't cause the addiction and we can't cure it.  But amidst our grief and anguish, we can find peace ourselves.


Tom E.

Member, Al-Anon






As a pastor, friend, and spiritual mentor with over 30 years of experience on the front line of ministering to and trying to help those with drug and alcohol addictions, I can tell you --  Stephanie’s story is all too common!


In Ascent to Hope, you will get a sense that you’re in the room with Stephanie and her family as they attempt to help their loved one escape the chains of addiction.  She describes with gut-level honesty the moments, thoughts, and interactions between family members. She recounts with great clarity the struggles to accept an unwanted reality and the path toward wellness.


If addiction is an unwanted guest at your family dinners, Ascent to Hope will not only affirm your fears and struggles to combat this deceptive demon but it will also guide you through a journey.  It is a journey to health and healing. It is a journey to hope!


Randy Shuler

Pastor and Author

 Hand Me a Dr. Pepper:  A Fresh Look at the Issue of Christians and Social Drinking


Stephanie Winslow has written a book that will resonate with countless families.  She has honestly shared from her own place of pain and hopelessness as she has walked through addiction with a loved family member, but she does not leave us there. She gives us a roadmap for coming out on the other side, with our faith strengthened and our hope restored.  In a time when addiction has become an epidemic that is destroying individual lives, families, careers, dreams, and futures, Ms. Winslow has provided the assurance that, through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, we can leave behind fear and bondage and enter into a place of hope and peace. 


Colleen Conrad

Director of Children's Ministries @ Genesis Project & life-long advocate of families with addictions





In our age of how-to's, quick fixes, and solutions communicated in 140 characters (or less), the deeper wellsprings become even more incredibly refreshing. Ascent to Hope is exactly that. Shedding today's standard of presenting life in a picture perfect social media post, Stephanie Winslow pours out heart and soul in a very real and gripping account of how addiction takes hold of every life it touches. Having lived in a world full of addictions, including my own battles, I have found Stephanie's writing to present a desperately needed discussion and tool to equip those of us for whom the disease of addiction has affected. This is more than a story of one family's struggle. This is discipleship 101, an equipping for others to journey through some of life's most difficult trials and the hope that can be found through it all.


Gene S. Whitehead

Christian writer and blogger

@Simple Theology, Messy Life.


As a former Police Chaplain I can tell you that the despair a family feels over the problem of addiction is a very real and life changing experience. When I would have to go to the door to let someone know that a loved one died from drunk driving or an overdose on drugs or from suicide because they couldn’t live with their addiction anymore you could see the despair as the truth sank in. This book will share the truth of the despair with you and the truth that Faith in Christ can set you free, even if you are captive to an addiction. While this is a hard book to read, it can be a life changing experience for you to learn how to help yourself and your family through the nightmare of addiction.

Pastor William Daniel Curnutt,

Retired Police Chaplain with the Wichita, KS Police Department






An addiction can destroy lives, lives of the one addicted and of those who love the addicted. Stephanie’s story is one in which loved ones made a difference in the life of an addicted family member. It will give you encouragement and a sense of hope. It will point you to God and His great love. May your heart and mind become more whole as you read this account of an Accent to Hope!


Dale Fletcher

Executive Director

Faith and Health Connection