Passionate About Inspiring Others

Story is the meat and potatoes of who we are.  Our hopes, dreams, ambitions, our bumps, bruises and failures.  All of it makes us unique and perfect, imitations of God.  Yet so often the truth of our story gets buried beneath the facade of who we believe we are to be by self imposed or others imposed judgments.  

By sharing my story, I hope to encourage other women and men to share their stories as well.  If my story helps one person gain courage to fill the shoes God created for them to fill, then my mission on this earth is accomplished.  

Fun Facts
  • I'm a wife to Marshall for 14 years.

  • A mother to 2 sweet and lively girls.

  • Coffee with a touch of honey is my vice.  Oh and Razzle Dazzle custard with Macadamia nuts from Sheridan's. YUM!

  • I love trail running.

  • I am passionate about mind, body, spirit wellness

  • ​I love to cook and try new recipes.​

  • My favorite places to be are sitting on my back deck watching the kids play and worshipping at my church.

Serious Facts
  • Founder of Blind Spot Consultants.

  • Co-Founder of New Dominion Healing Center.

  • Passionate about the Health and Wellness of Businesses, and the exploration and implementation of doing business God's way.

  • 10+ years of organizational health experience

  • MA Higher Education, Geneva College

  • BA in Spanish, Ohio Wesleyan University