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September 25, 2019

"Looking into the mirror, I was face to face, eye to eye, with a woman whom I could not recognize, but the familiarity of her grief saddened me. 'Who are you? I don't even recognize you anymore,' I said to my reflection. She stared back at me with empty eyes. ‘Why do y...

September 18, 2019

"It's never enough!" "I'm never enough!" "I just can't do this." "I don't measure up." "I'm not good enough." "I give up!"

Ever been there? Ever had these thoughts? Have you ever believed that you -just you - are not enough? Well, I am here to tell you, you are enough....

September 11, 2019

The dawning of the fall season is upon us. With fall comes fire. If we are honest for a moment we all know that guy who thinks he is a great fire starter. You know, I am talking about that guy who walks through his 25-step process to get a roaring fire. And then he abo...

September 4, 2019

What does freedom feel like? In a word, indescribable. There is something innately profound about the word freedom. For me, it produces the sense of, "I don't deserve this". And it produces a sincerity of gratitude that cannot be communicated with the most eloquent of...

August 28, 2019

I walked into my daughters' room this morning to inspect that her chores were completed before heading out the door to school. I walked in, flipped the light on and said, "well, her bed is made...sort of." Just as the words left my mouth there was a check in my spirit.


August 21, 2019

Grieving over loss is natural. But we also grieve, as Christ followers over the living. We grieve over those who have yet come to faith, of those who have turned away from God.

August 14, 2019

My life was on a path. I had a clear and predictable life plan. I like plans. I like knowing where I am headed. And I like being in control. I don’t know if you can relate to any or all of these statements or not, but I trust you can on some level. And I trust that at...

August 6, 2019

Ascending to the summit of a mountain requires a lot of work – preparation, bodily strain, mental training and spiritual depth - that not everyone is willing to commit to. If you talk to any mountaineer, or anyone who has been on a mentally and physically demanding cli...

July 30, 2019

This is picture of Grandpa Harold and me on the Christmas before he passed in 2016. This coming weekend would be his birthday here on earth, so I wanted to take a moment and honor the man I got to call Grandpa.

My grandpa is the reason I understand that what I do t...

July 24, 2019

In life, better yet, in culture, it seems the game is played by a set of "pre-determined" rules. But whose rules are they? And why do we have to play by them?

I have never been one for rules. Rules of games, for example, I can never remember them. I nearly fall asleep l...

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